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Please respect those who may be praying and meditating before mass by being quiet as you enter the church.

Join us after mass for fellowship. 

April 2, 2023

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Procession: Matthew 21: 1-11

Isaiah 50: 4-7

Philippians 2: 6-11

Matthew 26: 14 - 27: 66

full readings here


Palm Sunday: This week is Palm Sunday. We need volunteers after the last Mass at both churches to help clear the church in preparation for Holy Week.


Holy Thursday: We need at least six volunteers for the washing of the feet at the Holy Thursday Mass at St. Andrew.  


potluck at Sacred Heart: It’s First Sunday again! So it is time for the Potluck Luncheon. You are invited to bring your favorite dish and join the community for lunch immediately after the early Mass. The Ladies Guild will meet after lunch.


PLEASE PRAY FOR: Julie Lemus–Tomas, Alma Campanur-Romero, and Maria Campanur-Romero as they receive the Sacraments of Initiation at Easter Vigil at St. Andrew.


EASTER FLOWERS: At St. Andrew, we would like to fill the church with Easter Lilies. We are asking for donations of Easter Lilies or funds for Easter Lilies.

At Sacred Heart, please bring your Easter flowers, in memory of loved ones, on Saturday April 8th at 10:00 am


Bake Sale at Sacred Heart: The Sacred Heart Women’s Guild is holding a Bake Sale this week: Saturday April 1st from 10am to Noon. Please stop by to support the Women’s Guild and enjoy the delectable baked goods.

Bake Sale: ***If you are bringing cookies to the sale, please bring them on Friday 3/31 at noon. Cakes, etc. should be brought on Saturday morning at 9:00.


stations of the cross at st andrew: This week is your last chance during this Lenten season to pray the Stations of the Cross on Friday. We will begin at 5PM. Please join us.


stations of the cross AT SACRED Heart: We will be praying the Stations of the Cross on Fridays at noon. This Friday is the last gathering this Lenten Season. Please join us.


You can read more about Praying the Stations of the Cross here and here.

Invite non-Catholics to join you with this ecumenical guide.


kitchen ministry AT ST aNDREW: Members of the Guild are assuming the service of kitchen ministry. If you would like to contribute to that service, donations can be made at the kitchen counter. Let’s thank Lori and Tom for this week’s refreshment.


AT SACRED HEART: All are invited to join to Pray the Rosary at 10:45, before Mass, every Sunday. We pray for peace for our country and our loved ones and special intentions.


AT ST ANDREW: After Tuesday’s daily Mass at St. Andrew, a small group stays awhile to recite the Rosary. Since it’s only one day a week we rotate through all the mysteries over a four week period. We would love to have others join us.


ST ANDREW: LECTOR AND EMHC SCHEDULES are posted on the bulletin board outside the education wing. There are enough copies for each of you to take one.  Please remember to let Kelly know if you switch dates with someone.


Things to Know This Week


Holy Week Schedule    April 2-9, 2023

Palm Sunday

Regular Mass schedule at both churches

Holy Thursday

St. Andrew                6:00 pm bilingual

Good Friday

St. Andrew                3:00 pm bilingual

Sacred Heart             6:30 pm bilingual

Easter Vigil

St. Andrew                8:15 pm (after sunset) Spanish

Easter Sunday

Regular Mass schedule at both churches




The summit of the Liturgical Year is the Easter Triduum—from the evening of Holy Thursday to the evening of Easter Sunday. Though chronologically three days, they are liturgically one day unfolding for us the unity of Christ's Paschal Mystery.


The single celebration of the Triduum marks the end of the Lenten season and leads to the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil.


The liturgical services that take place during the Triduum are:


Mass of the Lord's Supper - Holy Thursday – includes the washing of the feet

Good Friday of the Lord's Passion – includes the Adoration of the Cross

Easter Vigil Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord – includes the blessing of the Easter Fire and Paschal candle and the Sacraments of Initiation for those entering the church.

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Mass during the Day


To watch videos about the Triduum, click here and here. Triduum, The Paschal Mystery, and Q&A are great videos about this Holy Week found on FORMED.




139. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, or "Passion Sunday", which unites the royal splendour of Christ with the proclamation of his Passion.”


The procession, commemorating Christ's messianic entry into Jerusalem, is joyous and popular in character. The faithful usually keep palm or olive branches, or other greenery which have been blessed on Palm Sunday in their homes or in their workplaces.


The faithful, however, should be instructed as to the meaning of this celebration so that they might grasp its significance. They should be opportunely reminded that the important thing is participation at the procession and not only the obtaining of palm or olive branches. Palms or olive branches should not be kept as amulets, or for therapeutic or magical reasons to dispel evil spirits or to prevent the damage these cause in the fields or in the homes, all of which can assume a certain superstitious guise.


Palms and olive branches are kept in the home as a witness to faith in Jesus Christ, the messianic king, and in his Paschal Victory.


Education and entertainment Our parish now has a subscription to FORMED, an online platform filled with thousands of Catholic media in both English and Spanish.     

You can enjoy FORMED on your computer, phone, or on your television with Roku or Apple TV.


To gain access to all of FORMED’s content, follow these simple steps:

                      Go to https://signup.formed.org/

                      Enter our parish’s zip code: 28754

                      Select: St. Andrew & Sacred Heart

                      Enter your name and your email address

                      That’s it! You’re in.


You can get the free FORMED app for your phone by searching FORMED Catholic in your app store. See Kelly or Joe Oliveti for more information or assistance in joining.


With Formed, you also have the free Catholic app, AMEN, which offers beautiful prayers, meditations and Scripture, as well as reflections on the readings of the day.


Adult Studies

Religious Education for Adult Christians (REACh)

Via Zoom Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Meet Friday morning at 10am (Sacred Heart)

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Facilitator: Joe Oliveti, joliveti@udallas.edu, 214.718.3399


Submit an announcement: If you have a notice to add to the weekly bulletin, please let us know by Wednesday of the week of your notice.


Prayer Requests: Please submit prayer requests to the office by email or phone call. Names will be updated or removed from the list after seven weeks.

Prayer List


Please note the current prayer list is an active list, changing as we have additional information. (If you see a name on the prayer list that can be removed, please let me know.)

We are praying for

Pope Francis
Rene Schiffhauer
Sandy and Curtis Devonish
Jeanneane Lamott
Nancy Sneed
Elizabeth O’Sullivan
Michele Ehlert
Jan Lankford
Robert Rowley
Vern Zander
Bruce Middleton
Helene and Scotty Moore
Vera Warzecha
Ellen Foster
Debbie Kolp
Gregory Van de Ven
Claire Maggs
Millie Anderson
Betty Wild
Don Bouret
Maria Goretti Stevenson
Father Ray Wadas
Skylar Rankine
John Szost
Kathleen Holstein
Mary Lou Woock
Patricia Jakus
Victims and Survivors in Turkey and Syria
The people of Ukraine
In memory
Ray Deptuch
Pope Benedict XVI
Betty Destino
George Maggs
Gwen Cruse
Irina Krumins
Thomas DiPressi
Military Personnel
Noah Webb, Navy
Boone Swanberg, Coast Guard
Raney Swanberg, Army
Freddy Perez-Comacho, Army 
Nathan Deese, Navy

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