St. Andrew the Apostle Parish

We are praying for

John Szost
Kay Canipe
Trena Gange
Bob Holstein
Jesse, Treva, and Nora Scott
Dave Paulin
Vincent Paulin
Rebecca Clausen
Bruce Middleton
Gillie Lee
Harlan Boone
Jeanneane Lamotte
David Hysler
Jaclyn Michalak
Carol Medley
Anthony Galletta
Sharon Middleton
Evelyn Wilson
Boyd Holder
Petrina Tuttle-Herring
Cathy Rankine

Gary Ramsey
Father Ray Wadas
The people of the Middle East
Ruth Ellen Foster
Suzanne Riedling
Patricia & Richard Skerlec
Linda Winters
Frank Miller
Ron Jones
Joey Pontorno
Ryan Rankine
Corina Porras
Nancy Sneed
Robert Rowley
Vern Zander
Debbie Kolp
Gregory Van de Ven
Betty Wild
Don Bouret
Mary Lou Woock
Patricia Jakus


Kathleen Holstein
John E. Goode
Virginia Cunningham
Sarrah Lewis
Ella Mae Copas
Don Bange
Fred Reno
Marla Hollrah
Noel Aguilera


Military Personnel

Adam Canty, Air Force
Noah Webb, Navy
Boone Swanberg, Coast Guard
Raney Swanberg, Army
Freddy Perez-Comacho, Army
Nathan Deese, Navy
Danny Foley, Marines

Thank you for your service

If you have a prayer request, please contact Kelly at the parish office 828-689-3719  or

This page was updated on 5/16/2024

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