St. Andrew Bulletin - March 8

Remember your compassion, O Lord, and your merciful love, for they are from of old.  Let not our enemies exult over us.  Redeem us, O God of Israel, from all our distress.  cf. Psalm 25 (24):6, 2, 22.




Please remember that the noise from the narthex carries directly into the church even when the doors are closed.  As there are those in the church praying silently or meditating in preparation for Mass, please be as quiet as possible when you enter the front doors of the building.


Yesterday, Edgar Carrillo Galván, along with many others from around Western North Carolina, celebrated the Rite of Election with our Bishop at St. Eugene Catholic Church.  Please pray for Edgar and his family as he continues final preparation to celebrate Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation at this year’s Easter Vigil.

Upcoming Schedule InformationFr. Fred will be out of town on vacation tomorrow, March 9, through Friday, March 13.  During this week, there will be no daily Masses at St. Andrew or Sacred Heart and the Parish Office will be closed.  If anyone should experience a sacramental emergency while Fr. Fred is out of town, please call St. Eugene Catholic Church, 72 Culvern Street, North Asheville (828 254-5193), or the Basilica of St. Lawrence in downtown Asheville (828 252-6042).

At 5:00 p.m. each Friday of Lent, Stations of the Cross will be led by Lynda WebbWhat better devotional than to gather together during this holy season of Lent focusing on our Lord’s journey to Calvary.

Following next Sunday’s Mass, March 15, there will be a meeting of St. Andrew’s Guild.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend this meeting to learn more about the Guild.

Even if Spring is just around the corner, there is still the possibility of winter weather.  Here is just a reminder how to find out if a Mass is being canceled:  (1) the announcement banner on WLOS-13; (2) the parish website,; (3) global email notification; or (4) a message on the Parish Office telephone, 828 689-3719.


If we give according to God's principles, God will give back to us.  The young man, who gave his loaves and fishes to help feed the multitude, did not have to go without dinner.


Please pray for the health of all our sick and infirm parishioners, friends, and families, including Ellen Foster, Jan Lankford, Sarah Cox and family, Geoffrey Werth, Sydney Branch, Donna Oropallo, Sonoma Peterson, Suzanne Riedling, Pam Anderson, Isaac Aldridge, Nancy Clausen, Malcolm Hodnett, Jimmy Watts, Millette Conrad, Fred and Marian Smartt, Maria Kimble, Ella Copas, Violet Ledford, Kelly Konya, Rene Balogh, Virginia Cunningham, Bill Altenburg, Dawn Altenburg, Mimi Schaffner, Jim Groner, Chris Deptuch, Elizabeth (Wiz) and Bob Estep, Dena Reno, Bruce Middleton, Fr. John Pagel, Christina Galletta, Gene Nelms, Martha Goodwin, Regina Brzycki, Joyce Wade, Jimmy Lancaster, Betty Wild, Sr. Carol Haggerty, Zac Taylor, Angel Cedillo, Karen and Paul Fredette, Jeff Falls, his daughter Ariela and his ex-wife, Jet, Curt Crostic, Melinda Allen, Noel Aguilera, Steven Alexander, Christina Millette, Pat O’Connor, Amy Taylor, Dori Jones, Jeff Combs, David Coletta, Mick Galletta, Sue Ann Foster, Anne Marie MacDonald, Peggy Gantner. Jan Rich, Alton Banks, Matthew Allen, Carol Fowler, and all our sick/infirm parishioners.

For those serving in the military… Ann Stowe’s son-in-law, John Brandt (US Army); Merrilee Hysler’s nephews, Brian Prior (US Marine Corps) and Paul Schartung (US Navy); Ben and Carmela Mandala’s son, Joseph Mandala (US Navy); Tom and Lori Swanberg’s son, Boone Swanberg (US Coast Guard) and daughter, Raney Swanberg (US Army); Alfredo and Evelia Perez-Camacho’s son, Freddy Perez-Camacho (US Army Reserves).

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