St. Andrew Bulletin - February 17, 2019

Be my protector, O God, a mighty stronghold to save me.  For you are my rock, my stronghold!  Lead me, guide me, for the sake of your name.  cf. Psalm 31 (30):3-4.

DAILY MASS SCHEDULE:  11:00 a.m. Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Please keep in your prayers Trey Penland, Aubrey Stille, and three of our Hispanic children at Sacred Heart, all of whom are continuing to prepare to enter in to Full Communion with the Church at the Easter Vigil scheduled to take place at St. Andrew.

Over the course of the next few months, we will be renovating the “old” rectory.  The renovations will include installation of new flooring and painting, along with moving all offices into that space in order to have more room for additional classrooms in the Education Wing.  During this time, changes will be made in the daily Mass schedule.  Please consult future bulletins for updated information and schedule changes.

As most of you know, at the end of last November Ann Stowe retired as our Parish’s Director of Faith Formation.  We are blessed that Ann continues to serve our Parish by volunteering to provide RCIA classes.  We are further blessed in that Lynda Webb and Vicki Fedor have volunteered to work with our First Reconciliation/First Communion program and James and Kate Vrazel with Confirmation.  Please consult future bulletins for more information about enrolling children/youth in these programs.

For those interested in staying connected with the WNC Respect Life Group, please contact Joanne Gregory, St. Barnabas’ Respect Life Coordinator, at, to be placed on a new group email list.

If anyone would like a tax letter reflecting 2018 offerings, please email the Parish Office with a request –  Those letters will be provided either through e-mail or will be available for pickup in the Parish Office.

Ash Wednesday Schedule:  5:00 p.m. St. Andrew; 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sacred Heart.


If anyone is scheduled for hospitalization or may be confined to home or a rehabilitation facility, please contact the Parish Office to arrange for any Sacraments that may be needed.  Please remember that due to privacy issues, we are unable to obtain any information concerning a patient’s medical condition and on some occasions have been unable to confirm if someone has been admitted to a hospital or facility.



Stewardship involves a willingness to give from the very core of who we are and what we have - from substance rather than abundance.


Please pray for the health of all our sick and infirm parishioners, friends, and families, including Ellen Foster, Jan Lankford, Sarah Cox and family, Geoffrey Werth, Sydney Branch, Donna Oropallo, Sonoma Peterson, Suzanne Riedling, Pam Anderson, Isaac Aldridge, Nancy Clausen, Malcolm Hodnett, Jimmy Watts, Millette Conrad, Fred and Marian Smartt, Maria Kimble, Ella Copas, Violet Ledford, Kelly Konya, Rene Balogh, Virginia Cunningham, Marilyn Zander, Bill Altenburg, Dawn Altenburg, Mimi Schaffner, Jim Groner, Tammy Jones, Chris Deptuch, Elizabeth (Wiz) Estep, Dena Reno, Bruce Middleton, Fr. John Pagel, Vern Zander, Christina Galletta, Mary Hayes, Gene Nelms, Martha Goodwin, Regina Brzycki, Joyce Wade, Jimmy Lancaster, Betty Wild, Sr. Carol Haggerty, Zac Taylor, Angel Cedillo, Karen and Paul Fredette, Jeff Falls, his daughter Ariela and his ex-wife, Jet, Bruce Hensley, Curt Crostic, Melinda Allen, Noel Aguilera, Steven Alexander, Brock Weisenberger, Christina Millette, Pat O’Connor, Amy Taylor, Dori Jones, Jeff Combs, David Coletta, and all our sick/infirm parishioners.

For those serving in the military… Ann Stowe’s son-in-law, John Brandt (US Army); Carole Baker’s son, Eric Baker (US Marine Corps); Ruth Ann Ashley’s grandson, Edward Fosson (US Navy); Merrilee Hysler’s nephews, Brian Prior (US Marine Corps) and Paul Schartung (US Navy); Ben and Carmela Mandala’s son, Joseph Mandala (US Navy); Tom and Lori Swanberg’s son, Boone Swanberg (US Coast Guard).




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