Sacred Heart Bulletin - June 23, 2019

He fed them with the finest wheat and satisfied them with honey from the rock.  cf. Psalm 81 (80):17.


MASS SCHEDULE:  12:00 p.m. Wednesday.


As you are entering the church, please remember to be as quiet as possible for those who are praying or meditating in preparation for the Sunday Mass.

Today, we are celebrating Mass for the Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).

Please keep in your prayers our newest priests ordained yesterday at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Huntersville – Frs. Michael Carlson, Alfonso Gamez, Jr., and Britt Taylor.  Also, please remember to pray for all those seminarians throughout the world who continue daily to discern their call to the priesthood and to study and prepare for their future ordinations.

Over the past two weeks, 16 of our Hispanic children celebrated their First Reconciliations.  They are now continuing their final preparations to celebrate First Communions during the Spanish Mass on Sunday, July 21.

DIOCESAN SUPPORT APPEAL 2019 – “WE ARE HIS HANDS.”  Next Sunday, June 30, there will be a second collection for this year’s DSA.  As of the end of this past week, the total remaining balance for St. Andrew is $6,942.00 and $6,281.00 for Sacred Heart.  We need everyone’s help to reach our assessments.  There are multiple ways to donate:  (1) online at where you can make a pledge or a one-time donation; (2) mail checks made payable to DSA 2019 (not to Sacred Heart) directly to DSA 2019, Diocese of Charlotte, 1123 South Church Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203; (3) place a check in the collection baskets at Sunday Masses.  It is very important that the church name is noted on the memo line of the check.  As we pray for our recently-ordained priests, please remember that 10 percent (10%) of DSA donations are used for seminarian education and the permanent diaconate.

Some of you may recall that last year our Hispanic community volunteered to repair and paint the exterior of our church.  While they were able to make some repairs to the building last Fall, the ongoing rainy weather postponed painting.  We are happy to report that we are now looking at dates in the next few months to finish the project.

PLEASE WISH “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Chuck Kamper, June 2; Wayne Whitson, June 4; Bill Wanezek, June 7; Ututu Anazia, June 9; Susan Garretson, June 23; Bob Holstein, June 24; Dan Sullivan, June 29; Frank Miller, June 30. 


“Whoever is faithful in small matters will be faithful in large ones.” (Luke 16:10)


PRAYERS REQUESTED... for Terry Demmert, Elizabeth Charles, Richard Marx, John Fonner, Adam Fisher, Carmen Bustillo, Susie Ferguson, Luis Ramos, Rhonda Helmes, Scotty Moore, Carol Baker, Lauren Boettger, Leo Fenn, Christopher Leahy, Phil and Karen Shade, Bridget O’Neal, MaryLou Woock, Mary Barvoets, Violet Ramos, Bonnie Miller, Michelle Mostrom, Johanna Golja, Stan and Vera Warzecha, Larry Marcum, Linda King, Violet Ledford, Barbara McCarthy, Mike Moore, Barbara Wheeler, Helene Rupprecht, Carol Homan, Betty Brzezinski, Carmela Mandala, Elizabeth (Wiz) Estep, Jenifer Morgan, Joan Meneghelli, Fr. John Pagel, Sr. Carol Haggerty, Sharon Castrachino, Gary Holstein, Daphne Alcock, Tony Kusela, Marie LeFerla, Alice Horst, Wendy Barba, Ernie Pinto, Dave Koda, Dan Macking, Linda Di Carlo, MaRi Di Carlo-Bishop, David Coletta, Helene Moore, Mandy Ruscin, Kathleen Holstein, and all of our sick and/or infirm parishioners.

For those serving in the military… Ann Stowe’s son-in-law, John Brandt (US Army); Carole Baker’s son, Eric Baker (US Marine Corps); Merrilee Hysler’s nephews, Brian Prior (US Marine Corps) and Paul Schartung (US Navy); Ben and Carmela Mandala’s son, Joseph Mandala (US Navy); Tom and Lori Swanberg’s son, Boone Swanberg (US Coast Guard) and daughter, Raney Swanberg (US Army).
















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